Future of Retail

  Immersive experiences that can enable a physical to digital customer journey, offering unique real-life experiences extended to the virtual world and enhance physical, in-person activations.  

Enhance In-Store Experience

Let consumers engage with your brand at the point of purchase. Live product info, immersive video, contact info capture and even self check out.

Move your in store customers to online consumers

Engage with customers from the physical product, so they join your club and reorder from your eCommerce store.

Signage and Direct Mail 

Connect with customers from Signs, Banners, Buses, Mailers with dynamic messaging at scale based on Geo Location. 

GEO Marketing 

Digital Ads that Convert

Conquesting traffic from competitors, locations of interest or event locations increasing high quality leads with pinpoint attribution 
Lead Conquesting 
Our Geo Marketing tools provide powerful means to target visitors to  physical locations where your ideal customers frequent, then serve custom offers to each audience 
Foot Traffic Attribution 
Once a visitor has engaged with your digital ad, they can be tracked and attributed to a store location when they come to buy

Location based intelligence and multi touch audience attribution platform 

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